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Soya beans

Soya beans have been an exceptional nutritional and functional food profiles. Soya based foods are considered to be nutritious and healthy based on their nutrient composition. Soya beans are highly digestible and are comparable to animal protein in terms of protein quality.

Soya bean production in Ethiopia has been significantly growing over that last decade.


  • Purity: 99% min
  • Oil content: 19.5% min
  • Protein: 35%min
  • Moisture: 10%max
  • Foreign matter: 1%max (completely free from mud and stones)
  • Fumigated prior to shipment
  • Free from abnormal smell and odor
  • From any alive and dead weevils and insects
  • Free from mud and stones
  • Fit for human consumption


Strong new PP bags 50 kgs with quality standard markings and according to buyer’s specification in 20ft containers or 40ft containers.

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