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Engine Oil

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Industry leading, super premium quality engine oil which exceeds industry and engine manufacturers performance requirements

Delo 400 LE 15W40

Premium performance, multi-grade, heavy duty diesel engine oil

Delo 400 15W40

High performance multi-grade, heavy duty diesel engine oil.

Delo Gold 15W40

High quality mono-grade heavy duty diesel engine oil.

Delo Silver Monograde

Manual Transmission  oils

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Gear boxes, transfer boxes and axles. THUBAN GL4 90 and 140
THUBAN GL5 EP 80W90 and 85W140

Automatic Transmission Oils

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Automatic Transmission Fluid meeting DEXRON III Texamatic 1888

Hydraulic System Oils

High Viscosity Index

Rando HDZ

Medium Viscosity Index

Rando HD

Transmission / Hydraulic System Oils

Oil for Transmission of construction machines and trucks

Torque Fluids 4N4

Universal Tractor Transmission oil (UTTO)

Textran TDH Premium



Multi-purpose Extreme Pressure high temperature lithium complex grease

Starplex EP Greases

Multi-purpose Extreme Pressure lithium/calcium grease with MoS2

Molytex EP Greases

Multi-purpose Lithium grease containing highly refined base oils and EP additives

Multifak EP Greases

Other available products :

  • Gear oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Pneumatic system oils
  • Heat transfer fluids and a lot more

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