To be the Customer’s First Choice for supply of Quality lubes, bitumen and Main fuels at competitive price and second to none quality services.


To be engaged in the importation, distribution and retailing of petroleum products including Jet Fuels, Gasoline, Gas oil, Kerosene, Fuel Oils, Lubricants, Bitumen, LPG, Petroleum Coke, Chemicals and products of petroleum.

Market Position Statement

To organizations who want to grow their business focusing on their core business area and would like experienced professionals to take care of the energy and oil requirements of their business (equipments, vehicles, machineries, etc.), National Oil Ethiopia Plc (NOC) is a petroleum products marketing company that provides unrivalled quality products and services specifically tailored to your business requirements. We are renowned for our ability to offer a wide range of quality products from the petroleum value chain that best suit the local business and environmental conditions. Since we are an indigenous company and uniquely positioned to intimately understand the local business culture and physical environment the products and services we deliver best meet our customers’ requirements and we guarantee that our customers receive optimum value for their money.



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National Oil Ethiopia Plc
Airport Road Street
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251116639494
Fax: +251116639495
P. O. Box: 951 code 1250

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