• Bitumen

As a major supplier of bitumen in Ethiopia, NOC imports and supply all bitumen grades that are required by the construction industry

  • Penetration Graded Bitumen

AC 40-50

AC 60-70

AC 80-100

AC 85-100

AC 120-150

AC 180-200

  • Cutback Bitumen

MC -30

MC - 3000

RC - 70

  • Bitumen Emulsions

Anionic bitumen emulsion

Cationic bitumen emulsion

NOC maintains a very strict control on the quality of bitumen and condition of drums at the time of shipment. All shipments are monitored for quality by independent international inspection and Quality

  • Control Institutions

NOC have professional engineers who are working closely with its customers during project implementation phase and provide technical assistant.

Petroleum Coke, Coal, Chemicals

NOC is the prime supplier of Petroleum coke, coal & chemicals to heavy industries in Ethiopia.



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