NOC is a leader in the supply of LPG to industrial and household users with an outstanding track of records on safety.

Textile  Industries, Hospitals, Hotels and University Colleges and Household Consumers depend on NOC LPG Supply.

NOC is expanding its LPG business by investing on additional Storage and Cylinder filling Facility to meet the growing demand of Ethiopia’s Market.

NOC Gas is available in 12KG, 22KG  and 52 KG cylinders  at NOC Service Stations, appointed distributors and Resellers across Ethiopia.

We also provide professional Support to Industrial LPG users on Facility inspection and Audit, Safety and product handing trainings.

Depending on the size of the demand, we provide LPG storage tanks to consumers on leases/loan bases.

  • Bitumen

As a major supplier of bitumen in Ethiopia, NOC imports and supply all bitumen grades that are required by the construction industry

  • Penetration Graded Bitumen

AC 40-50

AC 60-70

AC 80-100

AC 85-100

AC 120-150

AC 180-200

  • Cutback Bitumen

MC -30

MC - 3000

RC - 70

  • Bitumen Emulsions

Anionic bitumen emulsion

Cationic bitumen emulsion

NOC maintains a very strict control on the quality of bitumen and condition of drums at the time of shipment. All shipments are monitored for quality by independent international inspection and Quality

  • Control Institutions

NOC have professional engineers who are working closely with its customers during project implementation phase and provide technical assistant.

Petroleum Coke, Coal, Chemicals

NOC is the prime supplier of Petroleum coke, coal & chemicals to heavy industries in Ethiopia.

NOC is a partner of CHEVRON – a conglomerate of three worlds renowned brands CALTEX, TEXACO and CHEVRON, is a leader in the Global Lubricants and recognized for its commitment to excellence exhibited through:-

  • Global Strength: Seamless distribution across 180 countries, with consistent product formulation and superior quality, while remaining competitively priced.
  • Innovative Products: Strong commitment to research and development, with a rock-solid product development process and world-class research facilities, supported by engineering, scientific, analytical and field testing resources.
  • Dependable: Experienced, responsive and safety-conscious, always looking for opportunities to help its customers achieve exceptional business results.
  • Value-added Services: Proactive analytical services, ranging from oil analysis to lubrication inventory optimization to product training and technical service, all designed to help its customers achieve operational excellence.

Consistent collaboration of Chevron with major engine manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North-America coupled with research and development at its pinnacle has helped put its products in a pre-eminent position in the market.

Caltex Lubricants are quality products formulated in response to changes in technological developments in engine design, environmental constraints and market requirements.

NOC maintains a major market share in Ethiopia’s Lubricant Market supplying more than 100 different lubricant grades for Industrial and Automotive applications to Retail and Consumer clients.

For more information about Caltex Lubricants that we market in Ethiopia, click on the Icons below:


 Technical Services

NOC provides Lubricant Survey, Used oil Test and Training support services to consumer clients to  help them optimize oil & energy consumption, save cost through improved Engine/Machinery performance and service life.  NOC has

NOC supply Fuels, Lubricants, Bitumen, LPG, Petcoke,Coal,chemicals,Avgas and other petroleum products to institutional consumers engaged in the different economic sectors.

Commercial Transport


Power Generation


Manufacturing Sector



Pulp and Paper




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